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Sorry if this has already been discussed I attempted a search but my Kung Fu must be off or this has not been brought up yet or often enough.

Armchair engineering this in my head:

I have a spare IMA battery, theoretically if wired up in parallel with the other battery I could double my amp hours. I think there is room enough in the hatch area if I relocate the spare tire. I do have spare modules also but should not need them as I am essentially upping the storage capacity. If I just wired in the second battery, using appropriate sized cables. I could possibly piggy back in the temp sensors and maybe the cooling fans or even make a stand alone temperature controller for the second pack.

Limitations I believe may be the rear suspension because of the added weight.Potentially the cables but that would only come into play if I begin drawing too much current and that should be controlled by the MCM right?

Thoughts, am I crazy, has this been discussed already?

My Kung Fu was off I just found discussions on this topic. Off I go to read :)

Link for a starting point for future explorers since I do not see a delete button:

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