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I've seen a bunch of notes discussing what
happens when the 12V starter, rather than
the 144V IMA, does the starting...
So my stoopid question:
What's the signal to let me know
when it's the 12V rather than the IMA?
Do I see Global Thermonuclear War
warning lights telling me everything
is kablooey first?

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First you'll probably get nothing because you'd just turn the key to "crank" for a brief second as you casually do. Upon trying again you'd notice you actually have to manually hold the key at crank until the car turns over. It's a wierd thing the first time it happens.... almost too conventional.

Hi Dberns:

___Everything Rick has mentioned and another. It sounds like an original OEM starter trying to turn over a 69 Chevy P/U that has not been started in 6 months! It really sounds harsh and very different by comparison to your normal IMA start ;) The only time I heard the 12V start the Little Beauty up was when it was below 0 degrees after sitting outside in the drive all night.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:xtn78w3v][email protected][/email:xtn78w3v]

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Yes, lift the carpet in the hatch area, remove the two 10mm bolts on the small plate, pull the red safety tab off the BIG switch and turn it off.
Take a drive in a non-hybrid Insight. I did. No problem. If you get a warning light, though I didn't, after putting it back to original condition, disconnect the 12 VDC negative battery lead for a moment. That will force a recal and lose your radio presets. But once again, no problem.
That starter motor could use the exercise once in a while anyway.
You may need it someday.
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