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Dying starter or more grounds?

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Well this citrus keep tossing all kinds of fun at me. I have my ima battery off and am testing the manual starter and this is what I get. I have a brand new 12volt battery installed and replaced ground straps a month ago....thoughts?

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I have the same exact issue with my 12 volt starter. It starts sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Eventually with enough key flicks it will start. This is of course with my IMA turned off.

I am assuming this is just bad 12 volt grounds? My ground cables are intact but the bolts are rusty.

Should I Just run a direct ground cable from my starter to the battery and just be done with this issue for good? I'm pretty sure its a grounding issue but I just am curious if running a ground directly from my starter to my 12 volt battery will be an issue?

I would spice into the ground wire connected to the starter and run a wire over to the 12 volt battery negative terminal.
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