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I really do like e-bay. Here's a used insight with a very reasonable buy it now price (I might even be willing to part with mine at this price). I am going to put in a bid of support even if it is a low lmpg. Have fun, Rick
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I've been thinking about ebaying my Insight. :? Just not sure if I want to take the loss on selling the car. I'd be curious as to how much it would be worth.

42k miles, Honda care warranty 5year/100k, Pioneer CD player and rear speakers, rockford fosgate front speakers, tinted windows, rear cargo net, bra, super clean paint via 3m car wax and only hand washed, new tires and rims, set of stock rims with tires, complete service records, used Mobil 1 oil as soon as it was sold, Fram oil filters.

Only bad things are - passenger side mirror is gray. though i have the green one. just need to swap the shell.
Back bumper has a few scratches thanks to a kid on a bike and a hit and run. Not that bad but it still pisses me off.
The last Ebay Insight 2000 5 speed Item number: 2467682481 with 42000 miles went for 10250.00 without any warranty along with stock stereo.

I would guess that tint, rims, new tires, K&N filter, set of stock rims, Pioneer cd player, Rockford Fosgate front speakers, Pioneer 3 way rear speakers, rear cargo net, 5 year 100k mile Honda Care warranty, and complete service history would make the car worth at least 13,000

I wouldn't pay 10k+ on a car without service history. Some owners never perform the proper maintenance on a car.

I did have someone email me today to see if I wanted to sell. I did a quick search and found a good deal on a replacement car. So I might just sell. :shock:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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