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Odometer error

I'm also reserving to myself the option of paying them the $750 to get the car back, and then suing PS Honda and Honda USA in my county's Small Claims Court to get the full amount back.

My conclusion, or take on this: the IMA does not achieve the Insight-I's incredible MPGs, the ICE does that all by itself. The IMA simply enables the car to be a "real" car that people can actually live with or even enjoy (I think that the Insight I is actually every bit as sporty and "fun" as the CRZ except the CRZ gets relatively unimpressive mileage, but I digress!) Without the IMA, almost anyone would find the Insight-I to be a very difficult car to like and enjoy and rely on to accelerate into traffic and onto highways. But again, my take is that the IMA does not contribute to this car's MPGs but simply enables the ICE capable of producing these MPGs to get an extra boost when under load.

I would appreciate comments on my warranty issue, and comments on the MPGs that I SEEM to have achieved without the IMA.
1.) The mileage recorded by the odometer on my 2001 CVT Insight is about 1.7% higher than actual distance covered as checked out using GPS calculations. Take your Insight to have the odometer checked at a certified speedometer calibration shop before you threaten to take the matter to court. Very few, if any odometers will show fewer than actual miles, they tend to err in the plus direction. The last calibration certificate (performed on rolls) cost me $25.00 here in NC. Your Insight's ACTUAL mileage was probably comfortably under 80,000 miles at the time you applied for relief under the warranty conditions.

2.) For months previous to my CVT Insight's IMA battery failure, the MPG slowly got worse and worse. I attribute this to the IMA battery call for more and more charge (increasing load on ICE) but failure to be able to accept the charge as it deteriorated. Following appearance of the IMA light, check engine light and no more automatic stop, the MPG improved by over 2 MPG for over 100 miles without the failed IMA system before the battery was replaced.

Your observations about the Honda Insight's IMA Hybrid system are correct in my opinion and are a refreshing and most realistic way to view and drive the Insight, although my CVT Insight was not too unbearably sluggish without IMA.
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