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+1 for the $750= 3yr/36 k it sounds like a great deal. If I could get it I would jump on it...

My IMA is in a process of dying for the last year or so. Probably even before that... Actually when I got it in '09 the IMA light was on.....

But these battery packs are tough, When Ima light comes on the computer disables the IMA system for a week or so , then the light goes away and the computer recharges the battery. the pack capacity decreaces and MPG suffers. It becomes a bad cycle as when you have a bad battery pack it sucks the power out of the engine and the car needs assist more often, so there is too much assist needed and too litle regen possible as the engine is constantly charging the battery in the background...

Recently i started charging my pack at night for 12-13 hours almost every night.

I have more battery capacity now that I ever had. With out the background charging , the car feels more powerfull and can keep lean burn for 10-15 minutes at a time! I even accelerated in lean burn in fifth gear on a slight incline while keeping close to 70 mpg on the mpg bar....

As a comparisson when I got the car I could not keep steady speed on the highway without assist. At that time I could go in leanburn for not more than 5-10 seconds at a time and the car was loosing speed during leanburn with a rate of a mile per hour in each second while in "lean burn"...

The original IMA pack was replaced in '08 (as per the PO) ,

The car was in bad overall shape . I guess that destroyed the original IMA pack and then after a year the replacement pack .

There were several things affected the MPG adn the engine power of my insight at the time I purchased it (bad egr valve and clogged egr plate, missing underbody pannels, bad 12v battery, bad ima battery...)

I guess Honda engineers did their calculations too well and created a perfect car when all systems work as they should do.

However as time passes by and small deterioration in engine performance develop, and inballance occurs between assist and regen, which eventually forces the battery pack into starvation, and eventually the battery pack deteriorates which in turn increases the disballance and so on..

So I guess the best thing would be to keep the car in top shape at all times, or to reverce the situation with a grid charger (as a temporary solution)...
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