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I spent a lot of time testing EGR valves, even building an EGR valve tester. Wrote it up in a thread you may want to read. The "fixes" described elsewhere do not address the possibility of a sleeve bearing that is worn off-center and causing a problem due to increased friction. After all my testing I simply replaced my valve with a new one, and saw a noticeable improvement in MPG. The EGR valve plays an important role in maximizing fuel economy.

@olrowdy01 has a good write-up, above. Perhaps this was a design mistake, or perhaps it was a design change to combat oxidation build-up on the resistive surface by flipping the fingers so that they are "self-cleaning" (this is pure speculation).

@nasphere has reported that they flipped the fingers on a new EGR valve before installing it.

Do not buy the cheapest EGR valve you can find. They use a different sensor mechanism. I tried one of these new cheap valves in my car and got immediate herky-jerky.

Similarly, don't bother with a junkyard EGR valve as they are probably worn out since they tend to not throw a code even when their performance is degraded.

Good luck with your car!
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