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Electrical Power Input Location

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Reading thru the threads, its generally clear that charging the IMA battery directly is bad because the computer doesn't understand where the extra charge came from and it causes Recal's, etc.

My questions are these:
What if you instead provided a charge (from whatever source... that's a different issue) and your point of connection was spliced into the conductors of one of the regen systems (brakes, transmission)?
Wouldn't it 'fool' the system into thinking it was getting the charge from the inductive system and charge the IMA battery in an acceptable manner?

A possible requirement would be that the electrical system of the car was on.
It might be required to fake the car out that a regen system is 'active' (when its not, if I recall correctly... someone did this with the brake system).
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What you are describing is very much how PIMA works. I have set aggressive assist rates and been able to average 120 mpg for around 20 miles. Of course at the end of the 20 miles I have discharged the battery. I have also set less agressive assist rates and averaged well over 105 mpg for over 60 miles. With Mikes changes to the way you set the threshold (ability to jog the level up or down) you can fine tune the numbers to provide just the right ammount of assist and regen. The only thing missing is the ability to plug into another power source for charging the batteries. If it had this it would be very much like what Edrive is doing with the Prius which is priced at over 10K for the modification. Sure Glad MIMA costs a lot less. Have fun, Rick
Is the 12v really an issue. If the system is on the 12v will be feed from the Dc to DC converter. Have fun, RIck
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