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Electrical Power Input Location

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Reading thru the threads, its generally clear that charging the IMA battery directly is bad because the computer doesn't understand where the extra charge came from and it causes Recal's, etc.

My questions are these:
What if you instead provided a charge (from whatever source... that's a different issue) and your point of connection was spliced into the conductors of one of the regen systems (brakes, transmission)?
Wouldn't it 'fool' the system into thinking it was getting the charge from the inductive system and charge the IMA battery in an acceptable manner?

A possible requirement would be that the electrical system of the car was on.
It might be required to fake the car out that a regen system is 'active' (when its not, if I recall correctly... someone did this with the brake system).
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You would have to provide 3 phase AC at the proper frequency, and fake inputs to all the sensors that the ECM and IMA systems expect to see.

With only a 6.5AH battery pack and no EV only mode, it's not worth it even if it was practical.
Troll said:
Aaron Cake said:
So the regen brakes and downshifted transmission already provides 3 phase AC at the proper frequency? I was thinking that the power generated by these devices would get converted/inverted/perverted* later on 'down the line'.
Yes, the traction motor is a 3 phase AC motor. Therefore, when it is acting at a generator, it provides 3 phase at a frequency determined by it's RPM.
My source of electricity will generate a variable 200-400 watts/6-28 amps or more of electrical energy while driving. I don't know if this approaches what is needed to charge up the IMA battery quickly. This also normally wouldn't mean anything for the Insight... unless you had MIMA installed and configured to use more electricity to power the engine than the stock configuration.
Why would you even want to do this? Let's not get into the problems that feeding power randomly into the system would create. :)
Troll said:
I've always been intrigued by the 'Holy Grail' of energy production... that which produces enough energy to feed itself. While I know that its a fools errand... I know wasted energy can still be potentially harnessed (preferably at a higher rate of efficiency than the primary).
And that's about the point where I stop listening. :)

I'm toying with the possibility of mounting a small Wind Turbine on the car (location to be determined.. somewhere in the back for several reasons including visibility,drag and aerodynamics). The size would range anywhere between 6" and 4'. Regardless of the feasibility, benefit, etc., the challenge of inputting the electricity remains one of the first challenges. This is operating on the principle (hope) that the drag and weight added to the system will be less than the energy generated by this addition and that the energy can be used.
But why?

And of course, the extra wind drag will far outweigh any electrical energy generated.
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