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Electrical Power Input Location

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Reading thru the threads, its generally clear that charging the IMA battery directly is bad because the computer doesn't understand where the extra charge came from and it causes Recal's, etc.

My questions are these:
What if you instead provided a charge (from whatever source... that's a different issue) and your point of connection was spliced into the conductors of one of the regen systems (brakes, transmission)?
Wouldn't it 'fool' the system into thinking it was getting the charge from the inductive system and charge the IMA battery in an acceptable manner?

A possible requirement would be that the electrical system of the car was on.
It might be required to fake the car out that a regen system is 'active' (when its not, if I recall correctly... someone did this with the brake system).
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The real issue with external power source for Insight battery charging is the SOC determination, and the charge termination. The pack can be damaged by over charging, and the detection of the full condition based on voltage alone is not sufficient to assure proper SOC determination.
Whatever the source of charge current, the charge must be stopped when the pack is full.

The Insights pack is monitored for amps in/out, to determing SOC. The temperature is monitored on the whole pack, as well as on several subpacks. There are 10 taps to measure the voltage of each subpack.

It has been demonstrated that the SOC monitoring hall effect ammeter can be easily fooled into thinking that more charge than actual or less charge than actual is happening.

When I get into fooling with the battery pack, I will hijack the battery voltage monitoring, and SOC amp monitoring signals, and replace them with signals that I generate with a new battery management system. That way with MIMA to control the charging, and my own monitoring system, larger capacity packs could be used, or packs with completely different chemistrys could be used.
Step one is to monitor all pack temperatures, and subpack voltages, as well as determining the SOC indepentantly in MIMA. Then we will have the info to do our own pack monitoring, and charge control. This would be accomplished with another Micro based system just for battery management. The results of this monitoring will allow us to fool the stock system into displaying the correct SOC on the battery bargraph, even if the new pack were of different capacity.
Lots of possibilities.
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After readin this thread, I had a flash of "Insight" 8)
What if we could power up the BCM while grid charging, (turn the ignition on, but don't start the car,or induce autostop)so the SOC determining circuits and LCD display were active. A grid charger could charge the batteries through the Battery current sensor, and would register the resultant charge on the LCD Battery charge indicator. A small photo detector placed on the last bar, would signal the charger that you were full, and turn off the charger, and the car. It would probably only take 20 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the charge rate.
It could work.
Armin have you got your 144v grid charger working yet? Give it a try.

All good points, those are the questions to answer.
It it were easy someone would have already did it.
I am too busy to fool with it, so someone else should give it a try. :D
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