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Electrical Power Input Location

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Reading thru the threads, its generally clear that charging the IMA battery directly is bad because the computer doesn't understand where the extra charge came from and it causes Recal's, etc.

My questions are these:
What if you instead provided a charge (from whatever source... that's a different issue) and your point of connection was spliced into the conductors of one of the regen systems (brakes, transmission)?
Wouldn't it 'fool' the system into thinking it was getting the charge from the inductive system and charge the IMA battery in an acceptable manner?

A possible requirement would be that the electrical system of the car was on.
It might be required to fake the car out that a regen system is 'active' (when its not, if I recall correctly... someone did this with the brake system).
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Troll, you are asking the wrong question. The question should be can the 12 volt system be run off ann external power source, thus eliminating hidden charging of the IMA. Solar can be used for this, most practically if you have an additional 12 volt battery.

The other question is whether a windmill will provide a net energy gain. The answer to that one is a definite no. Even if the windmill was 100 percent efficient, the battery would waste some of the energy in the process of charging.

You want to do the exact opposite of a windmill which is to reduce aerodynamic drag. This can be done by smoothing the underside of the car, replacing mirrors with video cameras, taping up the seams on the body, removing the rear wiper, modifying the shape of the front or rear bumpers, removing the antenna, hiding the front wipers under a cover.

I wanted to build my own aircraft, so I took an aircraft mechanics course. If you are really serious about making changes to the Insight you should study the appropriate field either on your own or by taking courses. This site is fortunate to have many trained and experienced technical people. In spite of this there have been few technical improvements discovered, as the Insight was designed by Honda's F1 design team and they did a great job.
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