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Electrical Power Input Location

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Reading thru the threads, its generally clear that charging the IMA battery directly is bad because the computer doesn't understand where the extra charge came from and it causes Recal's, etc.

My questions are these:
What if you instead provided a charge (from whatever source... that's a different issue) and your point of connection was spliced into the conductors of one of the regen systems (brakes, transmission)?
Wouldn't it 'fool' the system into thinking it was getting the charge from the inductive system and charge the IMA battery in an acceptable manner?

A possible requirement would be that the electrical system of the car was on.
It might be required to fake the car out that a regen system is 'active' (when its not, if I recall correctly... someone did this with the brake system).
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You realize that the powering up the BCM will draw off the 12V battery. So you need to provide
12V as well 144V for this to work. Also, double check the schematics because you'll want to make sure that there is power for the battery cooling fans which are controlled by the BCM.

IMHO, you probably can get by with a knowledgable operator who can read the SOC and then set a timer on the charger. Also, if you charge at like 10ma, you probably can't harm the battery pack by over charging.
All good points, those are the questions to answer.
It it were easy someone would have already did it.
I am too busy to fool with it, so someone else should give it a try. :D
Is the 12v really an issue. If the system is on the 12v will be feed from the Dc to DC converter. Have fun, RIck
My concern here is that without the engine running, the computer doesn't know what frequency voltage to expect, or what to invert from.

So, one may need to determine at what RPM the IMA generator creates 60Hz power(or 50Hz, if you are trying this in europe), and then fool the system into thinking the RPMs are turning at that rate. Or hijack that input IN the computer and just fool it there instead.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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