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Emergency Brake Recall

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My Insight went in for the Emergency Brake recall today. Anyone have any idea what the procedure is for repairing the problem.

And no, it was not a problem for me. I have not had it stick at all. I am just doing it as a preventative measure. The car had to go in to have the passenge window looked at anyways, so I figured I would have them do the recall repair.

Any info would be appreciated. The Service department did not have a clue what was being done. Sometimes I wish when I took one of my Hondas in to get serviced, I could talk with someone with technical knowledge of the cars. Oh Well, just my $.02

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what did they do?


did your Service people figure out what to do? Can you tell us what happened to your car and if anything changed for you?

They replaced the lever and the button. And while they were doing that they adjusted the cable so it is nice and tight now. Looks the same as it did before.

I've noticed the e brake dosn't work too well on a hill.

Somtimes the call roles a little bit down hill if i don't put it in gear. but i don't think there is a connection.

Funny they change the stuff but don't know why. So... do they really fix anything?
I did not know there was a recall. Where can I find more info?
I think it may be limited to a 2000 insights. You should call you local honda dealership to find out. Or you can call the 800 number for Honda customer care listed in your owners manual. With both of these you will need to know what you vin number is.

Thank you
The recall seems to be for 2000 + 2001 Insights. I haven't noticed any problems on my 2000 after 40,000 miles. I called the dealership about it today and they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. They are ordering a lever and handle now. It surprised me too that they were unaware of a recall.
I was never contacted by Honda about this recall.
Try reading above, as I stated not all Insights were affected. If you have questions about your specific insight call the local dealership with your Vin and they can tell you.

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