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michael wong said:
last Monday morning the check engine light of my 2000 red insight @47,000 km turned on. I phoned the dealer Middle Gate Honda at Burnby, BC, Canada . After talking my car to the shop, they said my car needs an up-grade software for ECM. here is the report:-
Complaint: engine light on
Cause: checked code and found P1164 S1lean range problem check on
Honda com for information and found bulletin.
Correction: replace PCM as bulletin and swap over key codes. there are 3 keys registered in PCM
Uh oh. If I were you, I would get it in writing NOW that they will also replace the LAF sensor, catalytic converters and secondary O2 sensor when you come back in a few weeks with the inevitible P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Minimum Threshold. The updated software is far too strict in what it considers a failed cat, and will likely illuminate a CEL a few days after the ECM has been installed. Many, many people have experienced this including myself.

while awaiting for the part, the dealer have the 2005 Civic hybrid for me the drive to work for 2 days at no charge. the Civic is very soild and easy to drive but the engine is little bit noisy and the CVT transmission is smooth. of course it is more powerful than the Insight. but I like my Insight most.
Aweful, aweful car. :) I dove one for 2 weeks while the dealer bumbled their way through the same replacements on my Insight.
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