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I don't have the manual to look up codes - can any of you confirm that replacing the front battery was the right response from my dealer for my red Insight? I'm nearly off the warranty, so I want to make sure it gets fixed correctly.


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Its unclear from the information you have posted as to what code you have / are referring to. It is unusual to diagnose or even refer to non OBDII engine codes, although they do exist.

I can find no reference to a ?-? (read: any main code dash any sub code) anything code.

An "engine" code 23 is an OBDII equivalent of P0325 (Insight factory Service Manual pg. 11-6). Which is engine knock sensor related.

The IMA system does not have OBDII codes. An IMA code of 23 is an MPI (Motor Power Inverter (my note: IMA system motor)) current signal / Battery current signal circuit problem. Service manual page 12-7.

With all this stated a low 12v battery _can_ cause all types of strange PCM / IMA code problems. If it tested bad it would be the first step of a _possible_ sequence of needed repairs. It may be the complete solution. Time will tell.

HTH! :)
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