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Engine Fiasco

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What irritates me more than anything else and I'll probably start a new thread on this is that the Honda dealer told me that because of the way the engine is designed that it will most likely leak a bit of oil off the passenger side of the engine where the timing belt is. eg.. Head meets the the head gasket doesn't seem to be doing its job... plus I have to admin on the pasenger side there are onlyl to little bolts holding the engine down that I think that's pathetic! .. I think that's bogus so I'm driving it around now and starting to see a bit of oil seapage... I think that's ridiculous and will most likely make Honda give me a new engine as I think this one is faulty. I don't care what design problems they have oil should not be leaking on a relatively new engine.

Anyone else have problems with oil seapage on their insight engines?
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Insightful Trekker said:
There is an earlier post of a Canadian (?) Insight owner that had a small seepage not truly qualified as a leak. After the head gasket and related gaskets / seals were replaced the last report was the seepage had stopped. But that was late last fall and time along with summer (hotter, which promotes such seepage) will tell.
That was me.
Honda told me that the problem was a chunk out of a "glue seal" in the engine that was allowing trace amounts of oil to "sweat" out of the engine, rather than the original diagnosis of a head gasket issue.

Granted, it's been colder than (nevermind) here for two months, so I'm not going to see anything but a major oil leak, but it was mild here until Dec. and there was not one trace of oil escaping on the engine after the repairs.

Having driven elderly Volvos, VWs and Subarus in earlier life, I learned the habit of fixing issues while they were still small. I'm not sure if having the Insight ripped open last fall was necessary - I'll readily admit that, it was a very small amount of oil - we shall see what the summer highway runs bring.

Meanwhile, meow77, if I'm remembering correctly, you're in Toronto? Call Waterloo Honda ( and ask them about the issue with my Insight (they'll remember me, I'm a giant pain in the butt :)). You can have them talk to your dealer as back up, but they probably won't advocate giving you a new engine.
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