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The link on my page has pretty pictures :) ... nsigh.html

When we were driving back from O'Hare after our Honeymoon we both heard a weird rattle in my car. I didn't really think much of it because I just assumed it was some debris or something dragging along underneath (happens all the time with branches in my driveway).

So we pull over after our exit, and I can't see a darn thing under the car. So I start it back up and sure as **** it starts rattling away like a pebble in a tin can. So at this point I'm really happy of course, and I can't see anything...and honestly I'm not to comfortable chilling on the side of the road waiting for some schmuck to hit me. So we head home.

Getting home, the rattles just hella back, sounds like crap anytime the RPM's hit 2k, and honestly it's just really embarrassing to drive. I mean it's really loud. So all week I'm thinking a baffle came loose inside the catalytic converter or something, and I'm gonna have to shell out lot's of money. This is of course after I put it up on ramps and even jacked it onto two wheels to get underneath and poke at stuff. I couldn't find anything.

So today (and thank god I have a sister who runs a repair shop and is foolish enough to let me use it) I put the Insight up on the lift so I could get a good look underneath. What I found was that one of the heat shields on the secondary catalytic converter had some rust issues.....the two front bolts were still in place, but the metal connecting them had rusted right through, so at certain speeds and rpm's it was rattling like crazy using the rear two bolts as pivots. I meant they were so rusted I couldn't even get them off with a 10mm socket. So I ended up just taking off the shield and two back bolts. Voila! That damn, super loud rattle was gone.

And here's a diagram, with a star next to it to show the specific heat shield I took off...

You have no idea how relieved I am it was this easy to fix...
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