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Engine temps.

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:? How normal is it, if the temp outside is a bit below freezing, and I drive 50 mph (6 units on engine temp. indicator), and suddenly I have to brake for a traffic jam, that my engine temp monitoring scale drops from 6 units (at 50 mph speeds), to 4 units at 2 mph (engine practically at idle) with cabintemp sellected at 22 dgs celsius. Personal I think it is for this little engine to hard to stay warm, compared with other (gas-slurping) engines, or is the thermostat stays to open? I should say that a car engine at idle rpm's, can get more hot, due to the fact that there is no airflow arround the radiator/heatexchanger.
What is it, and what is the general engine temp behaviour under these circumstances ?

Still have to live with that painfull smile on my face 8) :D 8)

Greetings Etienne, the Netherlands
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I relocated my licence plate so it almost entirely covers the center area of the lower air intake grill. Not only does it make the front end look like Bugs Bunny but it keeps my engine temp at a constant six bars on the meter. In this cold weather it sure makes a difference.
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