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Engine temps.

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:? How normal is it, if the temp outside is a bit below freezing, and I drive 50 mph (6 units on engine temp. indicator), and suddenly I have to brake for a traffic jam, that my engine temp monitoring scale drops from 6 units (at 50 mph speeds), to 4 units at 2 mph (engine practically at idle) with cabintemp sellected at 22 dgs celsius. Personal I think it is for this little engine to hard to stay warm, compared with other (gas-slurping) engines, or is the thermostat stays to open? I should say that a car engine at idle rpm's, can get more hot, due to the fact that there is no airflow arround the radiator/heatexchanger.
What is it, and what is the general engine temp behaviour under these circumstances ?

Still have to live with that painfull smile on my face 8) :D 8)

Greetings Etienne, the Netherlands
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Engine temps

I'll routeinly drop down a bar on engine temps at a long stoplight. The cure is to block part of your radiator... big trucks do it all the time :) Now to just find some nice canvas to use to block my radiator, because the cardboard is both cheesy and waterlogged...
Cardboard block...

I had to remove my first attempt at a cardboard block for a warranty visit this morning... kind of mangled it in the process. I don't know how much it actually helped my CVT's gas mileage, but being able to crank up the heater half a mile from home was nice :)
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