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My insight has 164.000KM, and it was time to change transmission fluid and spark plugs.
Before the change, the car tends to jerk at 30Km/h its like it just slams a clutch hard and then goes forward.
So just driving 30 Km/h and then rpm drops to 750 then spikes to around 2-3000RPM and then it goes forward. After that, it drops back to 1000 ish.

Checked service manual, and it said: spark plugs and transmission 168.000 or every 8 years. the car is from 2009 so I changed it.
The first 500Km it was a smooth and fresh car.
After that, it just went back to its old self.

What can this be?
Also, my MPG dropped to 13km/l from 19ish.
Used Honda 4L CVT oil put in 3.1L
0W20 is in the engine, change oil every 10K and oil filter every 20K
Even though the oil says it can last up to 30K.
Spark plugs are: DILFR6J11 NGK 8X

And finally, in Econ mode, it just feels like it only uses 1/2 cylinders at low speed.
Accelerating in econ mode:
Steady 2000 RPM cold start :
Rpm drops a few times then keeps it around 2000.
Takes a few sec longer to get to 50.
Around 3KM before engine is warm (7 Mins)
Without Econ mode on:
Steady 2100RPM cold start then gently glides to 1000-1500 (After a few sec)
Feels like all the power is available.
1 km and 2-3 Mins for the engine to be warm.

Also, the board computer keeps telling me to service every 6000KM or 80 days after service.
Switches between A and B service,"
Like last winter it needed A service and it was too cold to do it my self so I went to the Honda dealer.
1000Km later it says B Service. they just told me to reset and ignore it.
around 2/3 months later it says A2 service.

The car is mostly used for highway driving.

Honda Insight ZE2 2010, RHD, Silver
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1. There was an updating of the software of the car?
2. Training of a starting package of a variator was made?
3. The butterfly valve with idling training was cleaned?
4. The EGR valve was cleaned?
Small falling of engine speed on a cold variator is fixed at all hybrids of Honda. It's normal. As the hydraulic torque converter needs to pump over cold oil. For elimination of falling of engine speed it is necessary to transfer the transmission to the P-R-N-D modes for 15 seconds in each mode. And it doesn't solve a problem completely. As the real warming up of a variator is carried out only in the movement.
Normal speed idling 750RPM.
The oil filter is recommended to be changed together with oil replacement.
Replacement of oil of a variator is recommended to be done through 40K km.
Through 100K km it is recommended to replace the fuel filter.
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