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I've tried the 10% ethanol blend and noticed a slight decrease in overall mpg. Not much of a difference, no more than a few mpg but certainly not worth the extra couple cents a gallon. Of course I'd give anything for the 85% blend seeing how cheap it is but you know...

Anyone else able to confirm the lower mpg?
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Pure ethanol will disove certain components of the fuel system if the car is not designed to use it. Brazillian flex fuel vehicles use a small amount of gasoline to get the car started in cold weather and then switch to pure Ethanol. Swichung to an ethanol blend on an older car that has never used it can disolve sludge in the gas tank and plug up injectors leading to random engine stalling, at least that was my experience with an older CRX. Your mileage may vary! :D

Asside from that, I think Alcohol is the fuel of the future. If it can work in F1 it's fine by me. Besides, if climate change destroys the planet you can always drink the tank dry. :twisted:
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