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Hi guys,
Well, InsightFest 2017 has come and gone.
A good group of folks came and we had lots of fun and lots of learning.

I just wanted to throw out there that I am looking to hear any feedback you have from InsightFest 2017. Good. Bad. Or otherwise. Constructive feedback is especially helpful.

If you'd rather not post publicly, feel free to contact me privately via a phone call or email at [email protected].

No feedback or idea is wrong. We are just brainstorming and gathering opinions here. No judgement. This will hopefully help others for their events as well. Some ideas may implemented. Some may not.

Some things so far. In no particular order.
- People liked the on-the-fly sessions (Springs, valve adjustment, headlight replacement, wet seatbelt, aux audio in)
- Need more owners to step up and volunteer ahead of time to host specific sessions at specific times so folks can plan their day
- While ordering out for meals is possible, many stayed onsite and never quite got around to ordering their own meals. So maybe just have people pay extra for meals ahead of time.
- Possible discount for early registrations? Higher cost for late registrations.
- Order T-shirt ahead of time with additional charge?
- Limit # of projects per attendee. Some people got many things done, but others could not get help because of "hogging" of resources.
- Have "donation" bucket for people who want to give extra money to the event
- Dinner Saturday was later than I had hoped. Plan offsite dinner on Saturday night so all can be together.
- Liked the Friday Eat & Greet all together.
- First time ever used a floor jack! Never even done an oil change on my car but people shared their knowledge for me to change my springs.
- Thanks to Scott for his willingness to work for free all weekend.
- Having a car on the lift was helpful just to see where parts go. And see what panels were missing on my car
- Was cool to see the innards of a transmission
- Can sessions be filmed for those who can't come?
- Urban mpg contest?

For InsightFest 2018...
I am willing to host and plan for the 5 Year Anniversary of InsightFest in 2018.
It would be in Madison, Wisconsin at Sector 67's new shop space in Madison. (On Corry St, about 1/2 mile from InsightFest 2017)

That said, I am not completely invested in hosting it here. If someone else can come up with a proposal that confirmed bodies committed to planning and running the event, I am happy to support it. Please get your volunteers committed *before* posting an official announcement of the event. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can remotely.

If it is here in Madison for 2018 we will have much more control over the space since the parking lot, etc will not be shared with other building tenants. Also we will have more lift access. Although in reality, there was not that much need since most of the work didn't need them, or could be accomplished with simple jacks and jack stands.

There may be some an adjustment upwards in the pricing depending on what people want to be included (more meals, T-shirt, etc). At this point I don't have a way to do "ala carte" (ie 1-day, 1/2 day) pricing since we have to rent the space for the entire weekend regardless if majority of folks are here on only one or two days. Also event insurance is a single fee that must be purchased regardless of the amount of time each participant physically spends onsite.

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I like many of what was already posted.

I'd also say a if possible next time .. other large local events are a mixed bag.

On one hand it might be nice to schedule to avoid them .. so attendees don't have to complete for reservations and such.

On the other hand .. some people might have significant others or such you would like to have the other event option while there for a few days .. for some reason , not everyone enjoys hours and hours of Insight stuff??

- - - - - - -

As for the food idea .. another possible option to consider .. Rough meal times .. pay ahead of time is nice and might allow for discounts and such .. but some people like to initially commit to less $ and then they can chose to spend the money at that time.

For example .. if a restaurant was like across the street or a block away .. and stuff that delivered .. that kind of stuff is easier to integrate into the event with little disruption.

- - - - - - - -

I really did like the maker-space / hacker-space location at Sector 67 .. the entire sector 67 'vibe' / 'theme' I think agrees well with the base concept of InsightFest itself.

- - - - - - - -

Perhaps it would help with the scheduling and such .. if ahead of time .. people 'signed up' .. for things they might want help with doing .. kind of like a wish list of things to have done for their car .. or a wish list of things to see done .. etc .. than others who are willing to , can offer to help and such .. some things might cost a small reasonable fee .. others might be free .. just depends on what people want done .. of course everyone won't get everything .. but getting it out there ahead of time I think might help pull it together .. and simultaneously act as an 'event' attraction for others who see what will be happening.

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eric thanks for hosting another fest this year. I gave it my best shot at gettin to madison this year, the cards just didn't fall in my favor. Again, I'd be on the tentative list for 18 as well, but who knows at this point anyways. I really enjoyed Mike and Galvin fests but I haven't been to Madison fest yet. If you need someone to shoot video it might just be enough of an excuse for me to actually get aways for a weekend or two. :) The HCH2 is cruising along nicely for its age, but the constant air on max for 15km trips back and forth, I have to keep a close eye on things to help the system balance itself when I get a chance to take it out 100 - 200 km every other week or so.
Ideas for 18 - aluminum welding - if anyone is good at it. I've watched a couple of youtubes showing a few different tricks to it, I do know it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

this is a shot in the dark but here it goes anyway, Some after hours activities either on site or at another venue. union break time, music, movie(s), pool party. I don't know, what do a bunch of guys and a few girls like to do at night besides talk about cars, computers and mpg :) ?

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I think a group cruise would be cool. Especially if there's some cool windey road nearby.

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These are Insights. We need a long downhill road, preferably with a prevailing tailwind! :)

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