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I think you may have a problem in the back because of the 7" width.
I put on 13" rims from Enkei (I had them on my 84 CRX but they still
look good) I bought Sumitoro 185/60/R13 tires so it made the overall
tire size slightly larger than OEM. Even with these tires, I can only fit
my finger between the wheel splat (wheel cover) and the tire. There
is also a problem behind the tire where the splat fastener is. Too big
and it will rub there as well. Even if the offsett allows for the wheel to
clear the splat it may rub on the inner metal (by the shock - not much
room back there)

By the way - Those tires have a rating of 51 PSI on the sidewall. I only
go up to 48 PSI but could probably safely go higher.

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