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Extended Warranty, should I purchase one?

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I am purchasing a new 2005 Insight. Should I purchase the extended warranty. If so, what shoukld it cost etc...? Is one better than another? Thanks, Kevin
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As far as what I am willing to pay.

Honda care can be purchased directly from Honda for this car for $800.00. That is for a 100,000 mile warranty for 5 years. I could purchase the 100,000 mile 7 year plan. But with the wife's business, 5 years and we'll be to 100,000.

In other words. If I can't get the dealer to sell for less than that I will buy it directly.

Honda warranty is changing on Sept 1st. 2005.

If your waiting to purchase on you better review the changes.

Thanks for the replys. Tomorrows the big day. Kevin
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