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F.A.Q.: Climate Control

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Climate Control F.A.Q. Sheet
Author: Rick
Moderator Comments: For further information on the Insight's climate control feature, please refer to these Articles: Climate Control Explained, Problems with Idle-Stop Mode.


Ok, since climate control questions come up quite often here's a complete run down of the system.

The Insight comes with an automatic climate control system. Simply put you can select the temperature you wish the interior of the car to be and the car does the rest. However, most owners tend to want to have a more manual control over the climate control so that they can keep the best possible fuel economy. So here's a run down of things.

What each button does: (starting left top to right bottom)

Mode button: This sets where air blows out. Press this button and you can toggle through several different modes from face, face feet, feet, feet defrost, defrost.

Fan button: This will manually set the fan speed. There are 4 different speeds.

Econ button: This turns the climate control to the economy mode. This will cycle the compressor on and off to maximize fuel economy. This mode will also allow the car to enter auto stop mode. When in auto stop the fan will shut off unless manually set. Press this button once more and it will switch from "ac on econ" to "ac off econ." This will make the compressor not come on. If the temperature dial is set all the way to 60 degrees this setting will vent exterior air in to the car. This setting will also operate the heater if the temperature dial is set to a higher temperature.

Temperature Dial: Adjusts the temperature of the air in the car. When completely left at cold lowest settable temperature is 60 degrees. When all the way to the right on hot maximum settable temperature is 90 degrees.

(Back down to bottom row at left)

Rear defroster: This turns on the electrical rear window defroster. This runs on a timer. The heating grid will stay on for 25 minutes then automatically power down. If the exterior temperature is below freezing (32 degrees) and the engine is not up to normal operating temperature the heating grid will automatically activate, but the lamp will not be illuminated.

Front defroster button: This activates the front windshield defroster.

Recirculation button: Uses fresh outside air or recirculates inside cabin air. When the orange light is illuminated the interior air is being recirculated.

Off button: Plain and simple, turns the climate control system off. The only remaining thing is the fact that the core will maintain it's set temperature so turning the dial all the way to the left will prevent warm air from entering the cabin.

Auto button: This is a set it and forget it type mode. Hit auto and adjust the temperature and the car will take care of the rest. In auto mode auto stop will not take place as creature comfort takes priority.

A few possible scenarios:

I just want to vent outside air and not use the air conditioning.
Press the econ button twice, turn the temperature dial all the way to the left, you may also wish to set the fan speed.

It's freaking hot, I want maximum AC.
Press auto and turn the temperature dial all the way to 60. The interior of the car will likely be hot at this point so you will probably want to hit the recirculation button so that outside air is used and crack the windows to blow the hot air out. After you get the car cooled down you may wish to turn the temperature back up and use econ mode to maximize fuel economy.

I want air and auto stop.
Press the economy button and select the appropriate temperature. While in auto stop the fan will shut off unless you manually set it's speed. If you do this cool air will continue to blow out for a short period of time. If it's a really long light you may with to just hit auto and slip the car in to gear to the engine will start up. Or, if it's not too hot you can get away with slipping the car in to gear for about 20 seconds to get the evaporator cool again and then back to neutral where it will again auto stop. The car will only let you get away with this a few times before the engine stays running.

I want heat and auto stop.
Similar to above, except press econ twice so that the compressor will not run.

Thanks to Ricky for writting the first Forum F.A.Q. Sheet.
Have an idea for a F.A.Q. Sheet? Contact one of the moderators.
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Hey everyone, just thought I would pitch in a little bit. In regards to a WAY earlier reply, the coolant temp does change. I’m from Rhode Island and tried it out here in the 46 degree (f) weather, the temp started at 50, but has since climbed to 53. Just thought I’d add that in, I know someone said it hadn’t changed. Also what’s the point of telling us the sun sensor value? I don’t understand that. One last thing, I have an inkling that the 8th mode in the Easter egg is how far open the vents are, but I could be wrong.
A problem in the southwest is that in a car with lots of glass, it can get uncomfortably hot inside even in the middle of the winter. But then when you drive through a shady patch, suddenly it gets cold. The sun sensor sees the difference, and the air coming out of the vents changes temperature pretty fast when you go from one situation to the other.
Oh interesting, well that’s good to know, thank you.
Please include your Location in your profile, as ALL G1 Insighters have done.
Thank You.
Sorry about that, It should be in there now.
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