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Does anyone know what it is the climate control outputs for autostop or not to autostop. I know in economy mode it will autostop, cycles compressor while driving and seems a bit lower blower motor fan speed.
With ac on no economy mode engine stays running at lights, blower blows harder, and i cant tell if compressor cycles during driving.

Im going electric compressor and trying to figure out how to integrate it into the stock ac controls. I cant cycle the compressor like the orm compressor is cycled with the clutch. But i can vary the speed. So the output to the compressor clutch wont be used.

I do however want autostop to work but not be limited to the lower blower speed. Id like to leave ac in non economy mode and just cut or fool whatever signal goes from ac controls to ecu or mcm so i get autostop.

The compressor is on another post but felt climate control post might be best place to discuss what it does with autostop.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts