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Hey guys, I have for sale a 2000 Citrus M/T with 123046KM on it, its in fairly good condition interior and out, I am the second owner, no accidents, no IMA or CEL's, drives well, IMA battery is strong. I will give an overview of everything, skip to the bottom for a summary of good and bad. Asking 4700$ (CAD) feel free to make me any offers!

I am located in the Ottawa region of Canada, Ontario. Have only driven it about 700km since I purchased it, as it was garaged over the winter, and I got a job where I now bus to work. (basically my grocery getter :D)

i'm selling it with the original alloys wrapped in Dunlope Enasave's, with about 60% tread left. I also have a full set of Bridgestone Re92's (just rubbers) that where on the car when I bought it, but they are fairly old.
will Also come with a full set of winters on steelies,but one of the rims needs a new valve stem ( currently leaks).

Has new rotors and pads in the front, which I replaced myself when I purchased the vehicle, so about a year old and ~700KM on it.

Currently has an oiled K/N engine air filter installed from previous owner, though I have a non oiled replacement engine air filter, as well as cabin air filter that will go with the car. Will also come with 2 oil filters and (x3) 1L synthetic honda 0W20 motor oil, as well as a Castrol synthetic 0w20 Jug of oil.

Engine is due for an oil change in the next 1000KM, I can do the oil and all the filters if the buyer would like.

IMA Battery is around 3 years old, and has ~30,000KM on it. Previous owner replaced it with an OEM Honda unit at a dealership about 2 years before selling it to me. Battery is really strong, no issues or lights.

was safetied last year, here is what was done when it was safetied:
Exhaust leak repaired, E brake adjusted and serviced, Valve cover gasket replaced, Serpentine belt and tensioner replaced, Oil Pan resealed.
Dealer said brake lines where showing early signs of corrosion, and to keep on eye on it.

Here's a brief summary of what I can remember off the top of my head, will add to the list as I go through my documentation.

-passenger side Door lock is acting up, sometimes powerlock doesn't lock/unlock passenger side.
- Outside window trim is faded/worn
- clear coat is starting to fade on rear hatch
- one of the DRL bulbs is burnt out.
- Interior is a little scuffed up, previous owner had a dog (Traces of dog hair)
- Driver side door creaks (might need new slider)
- one of the winter Rims needs a new valve stem

- IMA is relatively new, holds charge, kicks in strong
- Engine is strong, no issues, doesn't burn oil or leak
- New front pads/rotors
- Current summer tires are in good condition, lots of tread left
- good overall condition, no major exterior rust/dings etc.
- good amount of maintenance work done recently, see above.
- Transmission is good

Thanks for viewing my listing !
If you would like any more info or pictures let me know !
(sorry for the length, wanted to get as much info down as I could )

Sold !
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