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FCD Mod?

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As I drive back and forth to work every day, I got to thinking... wouldn't it be nice if you could have a FCD Cruise Control? It could be used to help the driver stay within a certain FCD range (rather than mph range), but probably wouldn't activitate until you get over a certain speed (say, 40 mph).

Or maybe I'm just too obsessive about FCD because I'm constantly looking between the road, my mph, and the FCD gauge. :eek:

My guess is something like that would be pretty difficult to engineer, right?
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Not quite sure what your asking here. :?

Anything to "help" maintain a certian MPG (FCD, Fuel Consumption Display) requires energy, and a lot of it.

MIMA is all that is currently available. Or more simply raise your right foot when the FCD begins to complain. When it complains loudly you'll have to get out and push too :!: :p
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