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FCD Mod?

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As I drive back and forth to work every day, I got to thinking... wouldn't it be nice if you could have a FCD Cruise Control? It could be used to help the driver stay within a certain FCD range (rather than mph range), but probably wouldn't activitate until you get over a certain speed (say, 40 mph).

Or maybe I'm just too obsessive about FCD because I'm constantly looking between the road, my mph, and the FCD gauge. :eek:

My guess is something like that would be pretty difficult to engineer, right?
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It would only be difficult because it would require more than a knee jerk reaction to gas mileage for it to be of practical value.

It has been suggested that a combination of Mima and a cruise control could achieve the result that you desire, that is to automatically maximise fuel economy while cruising without the need for constant intervention. The Mima approach would keep the throttle at a set MPG range in lean burn while using electric boost or braking to keep the speed relatively constant.The concept works but rapidly depletes the IMA pack as the charge discharge cycle is relatively inefficient.

Some hypermilers use a cable or Velcro style throttle lock. This works on relatively flat surfaces due to the non linear force of air resistance. A nice touch would be to have an electric release mechanism which would be activated by the brake light switch. Meanwhile try wedging your foot against the floor to keep the throttle in a fixed position.

Ultimately a computer linked to a GPS and wind speed indicator with advanced learning capabilities could work. Until then the human brain must suffice.
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