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FCD question

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Can somebody explain what the FCD button does pls.

also, when is rbbatteries restocking. Website says the 25 but it’s now the 27th.
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The FCD button is essentially another trip odometer... super odd. It's modal; push the button to alternate between "normal odometer" and "FCD odometer" modes.

When you're in "FCD" mode:
-There's only one odometer (the "FCD Odometer").
-To clear this odometer, hold the FCD button down for a couple seconds.
-The "Trip" button (right side of instrument panel) doesn't do anything.
-Pushing the "FCD" button will switch you to "normal" mode.

When you're in "normal" mode:
-There are three odometers (A/B/lifetime).
-Pushing the "Trip" button cycles between these odometers.
-To clear an odometer, hold the "Trip" button for a couple seconds.**
-Pushing the "FCD" button will switch you to "FCD" mode.

It doesn't make any sense why the behavior is as above... but that's how it works.

Pro tip: Normally the MPG value only updates once per minute. However, you can force an update at any time by double pressing the "FCD" button.

**FYI: If pressing the "Trip" button doesn't do anything in "normal" mode, then your button is broken. This is a very common problem. New buttons cost around $1 and can be user-replaced if you know how to solder. There's a complete writeup on this forum.
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Pro tip 2: you can press and hold FCD when in trip mode (only when stopped or before trips or something like that) to page through the elements in the display that are or are not displayed. For example, you can remove the instantaneous fuel economy bars from the display that shows total, average, and bars, so only the total and average remain.
I didn't know this. Thanks!
I thought the FCD button was to confuse service writers at the dealership!
Back when my state required inspections, the testing facility had a strict "you must leave the car so we can test it" policy. I always loved watching them search (in vain) for the OBDII port. A couple times in TX they ended up just using the pre-OBDII tester (i.e. tailpipe emissions).
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