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Had my first fill up in Wilkes-Barre the other day.

Put in 09.407 gallons; got an ugly look from a woman fueling up her SUV gashog. That big stupid grin on my face may have had something to do with that :)

The total mileage yesterday indicated was 487.

The gas tank is supposed to hold 10 gallons.

Assuming the dealer put 9.50 gallons in when I bought it (half gallon from Honda on delivery to dealer), as I figure it, I'm getting a bit more than 50 MPG.

The LMPG is indicating 47.0 at the moment.

Still learnig how to drive the "Silver Bullet" but I know the "short hops" aren't doing me any favors. Like the old Mercedes 220D I used to have, these Insights are at their best when out on the open road, in the right lane, zipping along at fifty or sixty MPH.

Hope this helps


I just had my first fill up after 509 miles.

I put in 8.42 gallons and stopped on the first click of the pump.

509 miles driven/ 8.42 gallons = 60.45 MPG.

The FCD LMPG was 55.4.

Which MPG should I go by?
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