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Finally got a Honda hybrid!

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After doing much reading and learning mostly at InsightCentral I went out and got a HCH. I had tried to buy an Insight a couple years ago but the dealer never got one in with a manual. I thought about the Prius but by the time I got serious there were none to be found. The lower EPA numbers kept me from looking at the HCH until I actually starting thinking about what I wanted as a package instead of just MPGs. The HCH has the most stuff for the least money and is more available.

A couple months ago the manual transmission was hard to find, my local dealer had no HCH's on the lot and the next one due in was an '04 white CVT that I really didn't want. After a little chit chat the girl at the computer mentioned that they had a magnesium metallic manual due in about 2 months. Color, good, manual tranny, good, hmmm. I asked if it would be an '04 or '05 and after a missed guess and some checking it was confirmed to be on '05. Three for three, everthing was exactly like I wanted so I took it to be a sign that the time was right to buy.

Well the little bugger came in on the 19th and now I'm getting 56mpg! While not perfect the HCH is a great car and I'm very happy with it. GreenHybrid has an online mileage database where I'll be posting the offical at the pump numbers. I'm Lakedude over there same as here.
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b1shmu63 said:
Congradulations Lakedude! 56 MPG on a new engine, in October? Whoa! You must live in the south.
Yeah, quite a bit south of the great white north but we do still have 4 seasons with snow and ice in winter.

Thanks for the kind words and advice everybody.

I was already "hypermileing" in my Vette averaging 30.6 mpg over the last 3 months in a car rated at 18/27 and many of the same skills apply to the HCH. I also work second shift so traffic is a lot less.

A highway trip will in all likelyhood reduce my mileage cause I'm not about to go 45mph on the highway for a long trip. Going slow for a half hour trip to work is one thing, driving for hours at that speed and stress level is another.
Posted first measured tank today. The results are not quite right because I overfilled the tank at 25 miles thinking that the battery gauge was the fuel gauge. 5.7 gal, $11.23, 000373 OD, 348 trip A, 57.9mpg displayed, 61.0mpg calculated! Not bad for a first tank. I love it!
b1shmu63 said:
Lakedude, awesome! Some Prius owners will be thinking you fudged the numbers. :wink:
I've got a display gauge picture posted in the files Green Hybrid at:
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