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Finally got it

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Finally picked up my new 03 leftover. I had to go to boston to get it but it was only $14,300 for a red five speed. There are only five 03 five speeds on the east coast now.
The insurance company actually gave me more than I paid for the one that was totalled. I made $2.61 profit.
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Congratulations on your new Insight. Glad you kept with the same car. $14,300 for a new 03? That is cheap (works out about £9,250 for those of us in the UK, against our list price of £17,000). :evil:

$2.61 profit on your insurance claim? I just don't know how you sleep at night......... :wink:

Hi RickM:

___After all was said and done, you got a great car for a great price … Free! After paying off the wrecked one that is ;)

___If I would have known you could pick up a brand new 03 5-speed for just $14K, I would have done that in a heartbeat!

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
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My daughter was going about 5mph and the pickup hit her in the passenger front of the car. It cut through the engine and spun into some guardrails. The truck was a total loss also. It was my daughter's fault not seeing the truck it was behind the pillar between the front window and the passenger door.
If she had been a second sooner into the intersection it would be a much different story.
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