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If you are looking for any, here is a trip report. I helped my brother move from Everett to South Seattle this weekend and I hit pretty much every auto parts store along Hwy 99, since I was going that way anyway.

Schucks - Most Schucks stores seem to have at least a few quarts on hand. You won't find any on 99 between Everett and Seattle though ;).

B&B - Both stores I hit told me no such thing exists or ever has.

CarQuest - Apparently never stocked it.

Napa - Both Napas actually had cases on the shelf. I inquired about inventory and they said the Seattle warehouse has ~400 quarts.

Don't bother hitting any stores between South Park and Burien. Those are my hunting grounds and I cleared them out long ago ;).

Napa seems like the place to go if you want to buy in quantity. I have enough to last a few years now.
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