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This afternoon I got to 300 miles on the odo'
I got 59.2 mpg.

The dealer delivered the car with a fill tank of gas.
The car is stock, not even a tire pressure change (yet).
Of course this 300 miles includes all the short demo" trips that I have done to show interested co-workers what an insight really is.

I am happy that I know my goal (set before getting the vehicle) of 54 mpg is easily attainable; it is way better than my 27-28 mpg civic.

The 300 mile point was inside of the USA, so even though this would be a partial tank refill, I decided to fill it (US gas costs less than in Canada).

The tank took 5.1 US gallons, which looks like 58.82 mpg (US) to me, so the displayed value on the MID is close, but not exact.

The question is, does my 2012LX, supplied by a Canadian dealer show US mpg?

Can someonce check my numbers; Am I getting 70.5 mpg (Imperial gallons)?

On the highway trip back from Ogdensburg to Ottawa, I set the cruise at 100kph, had the lights on, Music on and a car full of shopping. The reported mpg on the display when i arrived home was 52.4mpg. This number also makes me happy, I didn't provide any throttle control on the highway, the cruise control was doing the job not me.

The insight is an amazing vehicle!
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