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first-time stick driving on Insight

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I just bought an '01 5-speed Insight on e-Bay, and I have to fly down to Anaheim this week to pick it up. Problem is, I've never driven stick before. Is the Insight an easy car to learn on? It seems like the Auto-Stop function would make stalling I right? Are there any other quirks and foibles I should know about manual Insights?

Much appreciated,

-Igliashon Jones
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Yes, do try to learn before you go pick up your new car. I like the idea of a rental, burn up it's clutch learning, not your own.

Anyways, as far as stalling the Insight is programmed to act like a normal car so stalling is possible. The car will only enter auto stop when shifted in to neutral while stopped. There is however a nice little easter egg in the software, if you stall it just push the clutch in, shift to 2nd real quick (clutch still pressed) then back to 1st and it will restart on it's own. If this doesn't work you can just turn the key, it will restart a lot quicker than a normal car anyways. I'm not 100% on that little trick because I don't tend to stall my car, but I do know that it will restart if stalled in 2nd because I use that little trick when it doesn't want to auto stop sometimes. Maybe it won't do it if stalled in 1st? Anyone know for sure?

As far as ease of learning every car will be different. With the Insight you have the IMA that will at least attempt to provide you some low rpm torque to keep you going. I've driven better, I've driven worse. It's gotta have one of the easiest to push clutches in the world though.
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The lockout is only from 5th to reverse so you don't try to grab "6th". You can see this while the car is sitting there not running. You can shift to reverse from any gear except 5th. From 5th all you have to do is go over to the natural neutral position before going to reverse. Still, reverse is so far over that it would be highly unlikely to try and go in to reverse, and you'd hear the grind before you even got remotely engaged anyways.
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