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first-time stick driving on Insight

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I just bought an '01 5-speed Insight on e-Bay, and I have to fly down to Anaheim this week to pick it up. Problem is, I've never driven stick before. Is the Insight an easy car to learn on? It seems like the Auto-Stop function would make stalling I right? Are there any other quirks and foibles I should know about manual Insights?

Much appreciated,

-Igliashon Jones
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From Holicow's post on the first page:

Compared to all the other manual transmissions (we call 'em "straight drives" ) I have driven, the Insight is pretty forgiving.
I'm not sure I'd agree. My previous cars were a Dodge Neon, a Jeep Wrangler, and an Audi A4, all manual transmission. For some reason, I tend to stall far more often in the Insight (usually while in reverse) than in any of those cars. And I've annoyed myself by grinding gears two or three times since I bought the car last September (also while travelling slowly in a parking lot). Maybe I'm losing it, but I don't think so.

On the positive side, the ability to trick the car into restarting after a stall (see previous posts) is awfully nice.

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