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first-time stick driving on Insight

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I just bought an '01 5-speed Insight on e-Bay, and I have to fly down to Anaheim this week to pick it up. Problem is, I've never driven stick before. Is the Insight an easy car to learn on? It seems like the Auto-Stop function would make stalling I right? Are there any other quirks and foibles I should know about manual Insights?

Much appreciated,

-Igliashon Jones
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My cruel friend proved to me that you can definitely stall the Insight. He said, "Hey, I wonder if I can stall it." and then just kept slowing in second gear and never depressed the clutch at all until she came to a halting shuddering stop.

The difference was that unlike a normal car, it didn't shut down completely.

I second the motion (third it) that you MUST PRACTICE before you go down to pick it up. You certainly don't want to wreck your new car the day you get it or worse yet kill yourself trying to merge onto another road or make a turn across traffic... There are a myriad of ways to kill yourself if you don't know how to drive a manual at all and hop into one to start off on streets with traffic.

It doesn't mean that you won't pick it up fast, but you are taking a big risk to do the first practice in your new baby!
Smoothness of shift

My little baby won't stall on me, but she isn't quite as smooth as the Civic Hybrid I test drove.

That car shifted so smoothly it almost did it just from the mental power of my desire to shift even before my hand moved.

I don't know if they all are like that, but that one was nice.

:?: Is everyone else's Insight smooth as smooth can be, and mine is less smooth than normal and I should mention it to Honda? It's not really rough, but it's not smooth either. :?:
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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