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first-time stick driving on Insight

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I just bought an '01 5-speed Insight on e-Bay, and I have to fly down to Anaheim this week to pick it up. Problem is, I've never driven stick before. Is the Insight an easy car to learn on? It seems like the Auto-Stop function would make stalling I right? Are there any other quirks and foibles I should know about manual Insights?

Much appreciated,

-Igliashon Jones
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Thank you all so much for the advice. This forum has been invaluable in my decision making processes about buying an Insight in the first place, and even more so now.

I've done lots of reading up about manual transmissions (how they work, how to drive them best), but there's no way I'm getting behind the wheel of that Insight without getting some sort of feel for manual driving first. Now I just have to track down someone to teach me....

brpeterson, that is in fact the car I bought! How ever did you know?

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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