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Fit to US is now Official! Honda Fit e-mail updates is up.

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I know Fit coming to US is not news.

But it's now confirmed officially. American Honda put the update email sign up here. ->
(sorry for repost if somebody already post this info somewhere)

The naming of the car will be Fit (not Jazz). No other official detail is avairable.

Illustration is very much like current version.

I like the name "Fit" better!
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A hybrid version of the updated Fit/Jazz should be with us in 2007. I suspect they may try and slot in the latest Civic IMA engine.
Possibly true about the espionage bit, but I have to disagree with you about a new hybrid Jazz/Fit. Its planned production was confirmed at our Insight Owners Day which also tallies with the 'new models arriving soon' sections of motoring websites.
I agree that those MPG figures look a little poor, so I did some checking on the current Jazz/Fit that is sold in the UK to try and back up my view. The current models 1.4 i-dsi engine has an official combined UK MPG figure of 47.9 for the automatic (America's first choice of transmission) which converts to 39.9 MPG in American gallons...

When you also take into account that the revised Jazz/Fit (being sold in America for the first time) is likely to weigh more (as cars evolve they tend to gain weight with additional safety features) and that the quoted engine is a 1.5 litre, the speculated MPG figure (averaging at 35 MPG) may not be that far off...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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