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Fit to US is now Official! Honda Fit e-mail updates is up.

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I know Fit coming to US is not news.

But it's now confirmed officially. American Honda put the update email sign up here. ->
(sorry for repost if somebody already post this info somewhere)

The naming of the car will be Fit (not Jazz). No other official detail is avairable.

Illustration is very much like current version.

I like the name "Fit" better!
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When Honda introduced the CRV I read articles that suggested that the SUV market was already flooded and thhe CRV was a mistake. :roll: When Honda introduced the Element I figured it was an ugly CRV and that nobody would want it. Variety is good for sales. Besides Honda is already building the Jazz/Fit, so what does it cost them? Don't we always complain that we don't get all the available models here in North America? I'd like to see an Accord wagon, an Accord Diesel, and a Civic hatch back here. Toyota is pushing the Yaris here like crazy!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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