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Fit to US is now Official! Honda Fit e-mail updates is up.

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I know Fit coming to US is not news.

But it's now confirmed officially. American Honda put the update email sign up here. ->
(sorry for repost if somebody already post this info somewhere)

The naming of the car will be Fit (not Jazz). No other official detail is avairable.

Illustration is very much like current version.

I like the name "Fit" better!
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No, I don't think so.

Why ?

Well, the Jazz/Fit is made in China isn't it. I wouldn't expect Honda to "export" their high-tech to any production facility outside Japan..... not in the near future anyway (industrial espionage). This is the main reason the new Swindon-made 5-door ciVic is only available with conventional engies.

I could see something different coming though.
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