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Fit to US is now Official! Honda Fit e-mail updates is up.

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I know Fit coming to US is not news.

But it's now confirmed officially. American Honda put the update email sign up here. ->
(sorry for repost if somebody already post this info somewhere)

The naming of the car will be Fit (not Jazz). No other official detail is avairable.

Illustration is very much like current version.

I like the name "Fit" better!
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Current Japanese Domestic 1.5L Fit has 81[110](kW[PS]/rpm)/5,800 and 143[14.6]/4,800 (N・m[kg・m]/rpm.
If the above # (1.5 L VTEC - 105 HP - EPA rated 32/37) is ture it's lower than or equal to current version after adjusted to new US HP measuring standard (which most Honda gets lower hp).
I think the US Fit will be the completely new version and should improve in power and economy and get little larger in size.
Japanese Fit compete with Corolla (in total sale #) which ranked #1 for long, but Fit stealed it recent years. (this is pretty big deal since Toyota dominate Japanese market all time. They kept more than 50% car market share for long in the past.) You can imagine Fit is very important car for Honda in Japanese market. So, I believe the newer version should get substantial improvement to compete with up coming new Vitz/Yaris, Corolla and others next 4 to 5 years. It will be five years by next spring since Fit intro, and full model change is just right timing.

Toyota Yaris for US market will have up to 40 mpg and 106 Hp according to here. ... TURE_YARIS
Even current US Corolla get 38 mpg.

It's not all about # but hope Fit will do better than that. 1.5L base Fit should do better than 35 mpg.

At least one Japanese magazine speculate that the new Fit will be little wider with 1300cc Sohc Vtec and 1500cc Dohc Vtec and may have 1.7L version too.

I am hoping Honda will introduce Fit Si (even better with Type R) and hybrid probably in second or third model year. It will be hard to choose... The best one would be Fit Si hybrid. It's not gonna happen but nothing wrong with deaming it. We are talking about the company with "The Power of Dreams" slogan.

I think Insight is really the car created by the power of dreams.

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Honda make certain model car at multiple locations. For examle, Civic is made in Japan and US (I guess all engine came . Civic hybrids are only build in Japan. I think Honda in South America makes Fit too. Like all auto makers, Honda is pushing more manufacturing capability in China. I think Honda won't bring to build the most advanced tech like hybrid in China anytime soon. On the other hand, interestingly, Toyota already decided to go to build hybrid car in China.
My guess is that US Fit will come from Japan at least until it become large enough volume to build in American continent.
By the way, if you are interested in watching Fit CM for Japanese here is link
Look who is driving.
The description in Japanese says they shot this CM in Miam, last parking lot scene is on the roof of Hotel.
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