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2019 Touring
65k miles
Pulled into the gas station today and looking for a parking spot. I couldn't have been going much faster than 5mph when another driver backed out of their spot without looking causing me to jump on the brake pedal. As soon as I did the following occured:
-The car kicked off "ECO" mode and went into "Normal" mode.
-The engine started having a mildly rough idle and made a type of mechanical "whirring" noise.
-The check engine light started flashing

I immediately parked the car and switched it off waited about a minute or two then powered it back on and all was well.
I went into the Maintenance Diagnostic screen through the infotainment screen and found these faults recorded.
I'll get my OBD2 scanner hooked into it after work, but for now this is all I've got.
Any ideas for preliminary diagnosis?
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Update*** so it happened again today at a stop light . Hooked up my scan tool and here's what I got... maybe new spark plugs? Hoping it's nothing much more serious...
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