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Flew the Insight flag at a local motor show over the weekend and received a lot of positive response from the public.This event was attended by numerous new car agencies but not one Hybrid other than my Insight!
I decided to open the back panel revealing the pack and electronics as there is not much else to distinguish the car from the conventional to the average observer.
This proved a success and a great talking point as most people expected the battery pack to be much larger.I noticed the age groups of interested parties ranged from late teens to about seventy and several people were asking where they could get one of these cars?
All said an enjoyable day and a few more informed but frustrated members of the public with no Hybrids readily available for them to purchase.
As a matter of interest three weeks ago nation wide in the UK there were about ten Insights forsale but today there are two.
No doubt the petrol price spike had something to do with this. :wink:

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