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Foot rest

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well I have heard of a now defunct company that made a Plate for the insight that you rested your clutchfoot on when you were on the highway coasting. While digging around looking for a razorblade to install my drivers floor mat retaining post I found some Hobby aluminum sheeting that may just do the trick. the mesurements are in inches .16x4x10 (available at finer hobby shops everywhere for about a buck or 2). The un protected carpet is about 4x6ish. Whell here is the idea; I was thinking about making a paper template out of a cerial box (thicker then the sheet of aluminum) and testing the fit with the factory carpet retainers. Triming it to a eye pleasing shape. Then using some tin snips to cut the aluminum to the desired shape and puting the mounting holes where the template indicates. In all likely hood the addition of .16 inch will not be too great for the carpet fasteners to hold down along with the carpet and I have a plate that I can either then Paint/anodize/brush to match either the exterior or interior color. So what do you guys think.
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let me know how yours works, i thought about doing the same thing.
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