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Footrest Plugs

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I just spent close to an hour doing a search in the forum and now come to you for help. :oops: I got the footrest from Jim H 2 months ago and one of the plugs has lost it's head ( kinda like me ) These plugs are longer than normal, and I KNOW I saw a part # or place to get them in one of the forums but alas, it seems to be gone.

If anyone can tell me what/where to get them I'll forever be grateful :!:
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I did the same thing. Make sure you get the rest of the plug out of the floor and not push it in. The plugs are easy enough to find locally. I had to try a few stores before I found em, but they are a 45491 used in GM, Ford and Chrysler. They come in a package of 3. I found some at Autozone.

In case you can't find em locally here's Jim's link to the part. At least this is the place he bought his hord of them for when he did the orders of the pedal rests.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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