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Footrest Plugs

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I just spent close to an hour doing a search in the forum and now come to you for help. :oops: I got the footrest from Jim H 2 months ago and one of the plugs has lost it's head ( kinda like me ) These plugs are longer than normal, and I KNOW I saw a part # or place to get them in one of the forums but alas, it seems to be gone.

If anyone can tell me what/where to get them I'll forever be grateful :!:
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I just received one of Jim's footrests (from the latest group buy) and headed out in the dark with a rubber mallet and flashlight to install it. I got one of the plugs partially seated, inserted the other one part way, hit it with the mallet, and in one blow managed to pop the heads off of both plugs.


I'll pick up a package of new ones at the store tomorrow. And I'll look into those self-tapping screws.

The footrest looks great, though - thanks Jim!

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