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Asking $1200, will consider all offers.

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Been my daily driver for 4 years, 3.9 of which has been gas only, no autostop. Still very good mpg, low 60's hwy, low 40's city. Sad to let it go, but my wife is convinced that it's a coffin on wheels and has worn me down after years of nagging aided by low gas prices. Obviously IMA light is on.

-226,000 miles

-runs like a top and always has

-drives nicely, taking sluggishness of gas only into account

-still good mpg despite gas only ~62/42 in very flat Florida

-54.5 lifetime mpg

- gas only/hybrid battery is shot. Tried reconditioning when new to me with no luck.

- driver's side window inoperable

- CEL and maintenance dummy light on. Code thrown for 02 sensor, but still going after replaced. Mechanic says there's a small hole in catalytic converter, which is likely the cause. Take note of cat issue if you have to undergo emissions testing in your state.

-ac not cold. May only need freon, as compressor still seems to run. Blower motor works.

-Synchros for gears 1 and 2 bad on downshift. Grinding is avoidable with rpm matching/double clutching down.

-metallic rattling sound often present on starting from a stop. May be pieces of honeycomb rattling around in the catalytic converter? Sound ceases upon gaining pretty much any real speed.

-seatbelts sometimes get wet during heavy rains.

-exterior pretty decent but does have numerous cosmetic scratches, very slight dents and imperfections. No rust or scratches through paint to metal body.

-Interior in perfectly serviceable condition, with plenty of minor imperfections.

-Radio and speakers work. Right speaker may be intermittent if going over a big bump. Never tried the tape deck.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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