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Up for sale is our Silver 2002 Insight with CVT, located on Long Island, NY. We suddenly have one too many cars in the family fleet; the Insight drew the short straw.

The car currently has 168,457 miles and is in good condition overall. Lifetime MPG is 45.5. It has been my daily driver on a 28-mile round trip commute since I purchased it in July 2011 for $6,400, at which time it had 147,658 miles on it.

Since acquiring the car, I have done the following:

Oil change every 5000 miles (Honda 0W-20 only)
Replaced both front brake calipers
Installed a Fumoto F106N oil drain valve
Replaced upstream O2 sensor
Replaced gear shift cable
Replaced gasket and bolts between cat and downpipe
Replaced front brake pads and rotors (May 2015 @165,886 miles)
Replaced S-belt and tensioner pulley (July 2015 @166,257 miles)
Replaced EGR valve and gasket (July 2015 @166,257 miles)
Cleaned EGR plate, replaced gasket and O-rings (August 2015 @166,547 miles)

The body and paint are in generally good shape. The previous owner did a number of road trips and there are small stone chips in the front end paint as a result. Spats are intact.

The engine and CVT run very well. The IMA battery is evidently original. In 4.5 years, I have had to do the IMA system relearn procedure a few times, but the intervals are not getting any shorter. A grid charger would probably be a worthwhile investment at this point.

The stock sound system has been replaced with a Clarion CZ209 head unit with Infinity speakers.

The tires should be replaced. There is some rash on the rims.

New York State inspection was recently completed with no issues.

I am asking $2000. Would prefer to sell to someone from this forum who appreciates these little marvels of engineering. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!


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